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Corporate Wellbeing

Enhance the wellbeing of your most important asset - your people

The challenges of workplace stress


In a survey conducted several years ago by Dr Lindsay McMillon that explored workplace stress in Australia, it was found that 73% of respondents experienced work-related stress, with 85% of those people holding the view that it is the employer’s responsibility to address the dynamics that contribute to stress for their people.


Whilst stressors such as workload, team morale, job insecurity and the impact that technology has on creating an ‘always-on’ work culture are all well-known contributors to workplace stress, the far-reaching impacts that we are starting to witness as people return to work under a ‘COVID-normal’ environment are far-reaching and yet to be fully understood or realised. Uncertainty is, without question, one of the greatest threats to mental and emotional wellbeing and most people have encountered uncertainty in multiple areas in both their personal and professional lives and on a scale that most of us have never seen before.


Finding ways to support people with enhancing resilience and wellbeing at work should be at the forefront for any organisation at this point in time as a means of protecting their most valued asset; their people.

As research has shown, this leads to higher engagement, lower absenteeism, reduced turnover and stronger organisational performance.


How employers can support wellbeing at work


Whilst it’s imperative to focus on positively shifting some of the environmental dynamics that impact on staff (e.g. low morale from a poor culture) in order to create meaningful change, it takes time.


One of the most effective ways that employers can support their people with stress reduction is by providing them with the tools, techniques and strategies they require to enhance their capacity for managing their own stress and enhancing their resilience in the process.


In doing so, their people will be empowered to gain more control of their own wellbeing, irrespective of what might be occurring in their workplace environment.

How Flourish Consulting can help


For over 12 years, Flourish Consulting has been teaching, guiding and supporting people to build the skills and strategies required to deal with the challenges and complexities of organisational life.

We do this through training, coaching and event-based offerings that are anchored in researched and evidence-based theory and practices, equipping people with the necessary skills to enhance both their performance at work as well as their own mental and emotional wellbeing.

As an ICF accredited coach, a certified yoga teacher, a qualified meditation teacher for over 18 years and a facilitator with over 20 years' experience, Sarah Reece combines her expertise in training and coaching with her extensive exploration over the past two decades into eastern philosophy, drawing on its relevance to modern day life. This brings a depth of wisdom and insight to our offerings at Flourish, especially when coupled with current theory founded in Western psychology.


The outcome for our clients is employees who demonstrate more self-awareness, a greater ability to deal with stress at work and an enhanced capacity to foster their own resilience and wellbeing.


What we offer


Resilience and wellbeing training


At Flourish Consulting, we provide ‘off-the-shelf’ training solutions as well as the option of consulting with you to create training that is specifically tailored to your requirements.


Our wellbeing content draws from approaches grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, neuro-linguistic programming as well as emotional and social intelligence.


We aim to demystify practices such as mindfulness and meditation (strategies that, although powerful, people give up on easily because they find them too hard to learn) by making them accessible and easy to apply in daily life.


We can offer our training in the following formats:


  • Small, ‘bite-sized’ or half-day virtual workshops, delivered via an online platform

  • Half or full-day workshops delivered face-to-face

  • 60-90 minute face-to-face workshops (e.g. lunch and learn) if purchased as part of a series of workshops


Some of our more popular wellbeing training programs include:


  • Mindfulness at work

  • Enhancing resilience

  • Managing stress in the workplace

  • Navigating uncertainty

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Mindful leadership

  • Managing mindset

  • Introduction to meditation for wellbeing


Retreats and off-sites


Off-site corporate retreats provide a fantastic opportunity for staff to gain a different perspective by getting away from the office whilst also offering people the luxury of extra time and space with their colleagues as a means of enhancing rapport and connection.


Another powerful benefit of engaging in a retreat is the immersive experience it creates for people to absorb information more deeply and practice applying new skills in a supported environment.


At Flourish Consulting, we can offer a number of solutions for your next work retreat that include guest-speaking appearances, tailored sessions/group activities through to coordinating and facilitating your entire retreat agenda.


Some of the sessions we regularly provide at off-site retreats include:


  • Corporate yoga and/or meditation

  • Mindfulness at work

  • Enhancing resilience and wellbeing at work

  • Navigating change and uncertainty

  • Bringing your workplace values to life

  • Enhancing team dynamics


Wellbeing coaching and mentoring


Coaching and mentoring are potent practices for individuals seeking to create and solidify positive change. At Flourish Consulting, we offer coaching and mentoring solutions targeted at supporting people with enhancing their personal wellbeing.


We offer these as stand-alone practices as well as additional support for people wishing to apply tools and strategies covered in our training or retreats.


Wellbeing coaching and mentoring is particularly relevant for leaders who are seeking to lead their teams more mindfully and who possess a desire to create a positive and supportive environment for their team. 

For anyone experiencing anxiety, depression or suicidal tendencies, you can seek help at:


Beyond Blue - for anxiety and depression - 1300 224 636


Lifeline - for crisis support and suicide prevention – 13 11 14

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