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At Flourish Consulting, we pride ourselves on the quality and effectiveness of the training we deliver to our clients.


Our training programs can be tailored to address your specific challenges or skills gaps, making them highly focused and relevant for participants. Each program is designed in such a way that it is learner-centred, engaging and contextualised to your organisation. This ensures that it facilitates the necessary insights and learning that leads to lasting behavioural change back in the workplace.


We achieve this through:

  • Thorough and effective needs analysis prior to program design

  • Leading-edge and innovative content delivered by outstanding facilitators who are subject-matter experts

  • Experiential, learner-centred programs that ensure the learner is fully engaged and leaves the program feeling confident to apply new skills back in the workplace

  • Incorporation of blended learning strategies (including pre and post-workshop activities) that ensure maximum transfer or learning

  • Integration of psychometric assessments, 360 degree feedback and one-on-one executive coaching customised to participants’ development needs that support individuals with making change that's hard

Why we’re different

Whilst many training organisations deliver outstanding training programs, myriad bodies of research have demonstrated the degree to which a training intervention is successful extends far beyond the quality of a training program.

At Flourish Consulting, we ensure that we uncover the readiness of an organisation to receive training and provide expert advice around what needs to be in place to ensure a maximum return on investment is achieved from the training.


This supports our clients with ensuring:


  • Program objectives are both focused and aligned with the broader organisational objectives and business needs

  • Content is effectively aligned with existing business systems and processes

  • The training intervention is not implemented in isolation (for example, to lift performance, reward systems, job design and motivation issues must also be factored in)

  • Managers of participants are guided on how to support, reinforce and provide feedback on the new skills their people have gained through a training program and must be willing to offer the opportunity for new skills to be applied on-the-job

  • Executive advocacy for the training is present and effectively communicated to staff

  • Participants are held accountable for their results post-program

  • The organisation is culturally ready to embrace any changes associated with the program

By taking this approach, we ensure that the training program we deliver to your people is a truly effective performance intervention rather than a one-off training event.


Our programs


We provide both 'off-the-shelf' and customised training programs that can be run as 'bite-sized' learning, half-day or full-day sessions, depending on the topic. Our programs can be delivered via a range of training modalities both virtually as well as face-to-face.


Some of these programs include:


  • Leadership (we offer a range of programs that extend from frontline leadership to executive level)

  • Enhancing resilience

  • Corporate mindfulness and wellbeing

  • Emotional intelligence for leaders and teams (incorporating Genos EQ assessments)

  • Team cohesion and effectiveness (incorporating Firo B assessments)

  • Constructive conversations

  • Delivering effective feedback

  • Performance development

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Leading through change

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Leader as coach

  • Creating psychological safety at work

  • Mindful leadership and cultivating presence

  • Strengths-based performance development

  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset

  • Positive psychology in the workplace



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