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An expert facilitator can make all the difference.

There are many situations where organisations benefit from engaging the services of an experienced facilitator. Flourish Consulting has a number of dynamic facilitators who are experts when it comes to powerful communication; employing facilitation techniques that yield truly meaningful and Illuminating information from individuals and teams.


How can we help?

Some of the ways that we can support your business through facilitation are:

  • Delivery of in-house training programs

  • Staff off-sites and retreats

  • Strategic and business planning processes

  • Internal focus groups

  • Internal communications

  • Conflict resolution


Why Flourish Consulting?

Our facilitators have the expertise necessary for establishing trust and credibility so that all individuals are actively engaged in the communication process. We empower all those present to contribute to the discussion at hand in an authentic yet constructive way. We maintain the balance between drawing out valuable information that gets to the heart of issues whilst also ensuring that the communication flows and maintains momentum so that you’re able to achieve the objectives you are seeking.


We assist you both prior to the event to ensure there is clarity regarding key objectives and logistics. We also provide post-event consultation to ensure key actions are followed through on and that the necessary steps are taken to achieve desired outcomes.


What’s the benefit to you?

By engaging the services of one of our facilitators, you are drawing on our expertise and experience to ensure that you are maximising the value to be gained from the collective cost to the business when bringing your people together to communicate, collaborate, strategise and make sound decisions.

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