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Flourish now offers clients a Performance Planning Training Suite consisting of targeted training programs that are focused on enabling organisations and their people to get the most out of their annual Performance Planning process.

The training suite consists of a selection of programs specifically designed to support both team members and managers: WWW.FLOURISHCONSULTING.NET

Training Suite Overview

Each of these programs assist staff with creating meaningful and effective performance plans that guide their efforts and support them with achieving the requirements of their role.

This is further underpinned by programs that enhance participants' capacity to give and receive feedback effectively in line with performance conversations with a focus on supporting managers with delivering effective performance-focused feedback and coaching conversations to ensure that performance and engagement is supported through the cycle.

Organisations can select any combination of programs to offer their staff either at key points of the performance cycle or throughout the performance cycle. A bite-sized learning approach is taken with programs between 1.5 to 3 hours in length and training can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.


A program that focuses on supporting staff with creating a meaningful performance plan based on SMART principles. It provides participants with the skills to structure goals in such a way that:
1.Staff and their manager’s expectations around performance are aligned at the start of the cycle
2.Staff have clarity and guidance around how to align their efforts throughout the cycle
3.Staff can easily demonstrate that they have met the requirements of the PDR plan at the end of the cycle

Learning outcomes:

  • Write SMART performance goals that incorporate clear measures ·
  • Use higher level planning in the goal writing process to ensure goals are strategically aligned ·
  • Write SMART capability goals that outline methods and methods

Content overview: ·
  • PDR overview ·Incorporating values into performance goals ·
  • Alignment of goals to higher-level planning ·
  • Five-step process for writing performance goals, including:
    • Incorporating measures
    • Incorporating the stretch component with measures
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