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Training Programs Overview

Below is a high-level overview of some of our most popular programs.​ Whilst these can be purchased as 'off-the-shelf' options, all our programs are designed by combining a series of modules. To ensure we create a program that is ideally suited to your needs, we like to consult with you (free of charge) to discuss your requirements so we an create the perfect program for you.

We can also create a fully customised program to support you with your desired learning outcomes which will involved a more in-depth needs analysis and design process. With this option, we implement a tailored 3-step learning process consisting of preparing participants through pre-work, engaging participants through effective learning and embedding capability and confidence through post-learning strategies.

All our content is based on theory that is researched and evidence-based and our programs incorporate a great balance between content and activity. We adopt an inquiry and discovery-based learning approach to keep participants active and engaged whilst building their confidence through application of knowledge and skills during the program.

Feedback Conversations


Program overview

Countless research demonstrates that when managers engage in regular, effective feedback conversations with staff, engagement and performance enhancement will be significantly enhanced. That challenge is that the degree of skill and commitment to delivering demonstrated by many managers in relation to delivering feedback varies significantly.


In this program we provide managers with the skills and confidence to engage in regular feedback conversations. We explore how to provide feedback effectively so that staff not only find the feedback process valuable and meaningful, but so that the feedback leads to ongoing performance improvement. All the content is researched and evidence-based and provides participants with an opportunity to learn new skills and apply them in the workshop to build confidence and capability. 


This is a 1-day program with the option of adding additional content around constructive conversations to formulate a 2 day program. There is also an option to run facilitated peer learning sessions 6 weeks post-program. This allows participants to share and solidify their learning outcomes from applying the feedback strategies post-workshop.


Learning outcomes

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the value and impact of feedback in relation to performance and engagement

  • Identify and address personal barriers to delivering feedback

  • Understand the feedback culture within their team and how to improve it

  • Understand and explain the key elements of giving and receiving effective feedback

  • Foster a culture of performance and engagement through feedback

  • Prepare for and engage in effective feedback conversations 

  • Engage in potentially ‘difficult’ feedback conversations with greater skill and confidence


Key topics

  • Understanding feedback

  • The value and impact of feedback on performance and engagement

  • Overcoming personal barriers to delivering feedback

  • Understanding the feedback orientation and culture of a team and organisation

  • The role of trust and psychological safety when delivering feedback

  • Understanding the key elements of effective feedback

  • Framework for giving and receiving effective feedback

  • Framework for resolving differences of opinion when engaging in feedback

  • What makes conversations ‘difficult’ and the value of engaging in them

  • Understanding conflict 

  • The neuroscience of conflict

  • Identifying different responses to conflict

  • Process for navigating conflict during feedback

  • Communication principles to enhance feedback

Enhancing Resilience


There is no question that the pace and intensity of change is increasingly on the rise in organisations today, with 'always-on transformation' having been the norm for many years now. With growing workloads, increased business expectations and shorter deadlines, work-related stress is trending upwards. Whilst resilience programs were once seen as superfluous, the ability of staff to maintain their own resilience has never been so important.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to enhancing resilience so in this program, we explore a range of  approaches that will equip people with practical tools and strategies to enhance their own resilience. This will result in a greater capacity to deal with stress, adapt to change and will lead to deeper self-awareness and personal accountability. It also equips individuals to thrive even in the face of challenge.

This training program has been developed using current, best-practice theory that is researched and evidenced-based. It provides participants with practical tools and techniques from which to draw on to enhance their own resilience both at work and in their personal lives. 

We offer two versions of this program (one for leaders and one for professionals) that cover the same theory but that explore the content through slightly differently lenses. For the leaders, we spend more time focusing on how they can help foster resilience within their team. In the professionals program, we spend more time focusing on how to foster a Growth Mindset.



​This is a 1-day workshop with the option of running the program as a half day event. 


Learning outcomes


  • Identify personal stress triggers

  • Understand and explain different types of stress, including beneficial stress

  • Understand and apply a range of resilience strategies (mental, emotional, physical and social) to enhance personal resilience in the workplace

  • Build a personal resilience plan to enhance your ability to deal with stress and cope more effectively with organisational change and pressure

Key topics

  • The neuroscience of resilience

  • Learned optimism

  • Selective abstraction and shifting your focus

  • The science of gratitude

  • Fostering a Growth Mindset

  • The efficacy of meditation and mindfulness at work and strategies to foster a strong practice

  • Cognitive and emotional defusion

  • Psychological flexibility

  • Supporting your physical well being

  • Enhancing social connection at work

Leadership Essentials


This program is designed to enhance leadership capability by immersing participants in content that is leading-edge theory whose efficacy is underpinned by research and case studies. Whilst encouraging participants to step outside their comfort zone and put themselves on the line as leaders, this program will assist participants with becoming authentic and adaptive leaders who are self-aware, resilient and capable of developing highly a motivated and engaged team. 




​This is a 1- day program with the option to run post-workshop peer learning/group coaching sessions to unpack the application of the learning from the program and workshop challenges.



Learning outcomes


  • Understand and explain leadership

  • Understanding your natural leadership orientation and strategies to adapt when required

  • Demonstrate greater confidence and skill as a leader

  • Take appropriate steps to cultivate trust and psychological safety within your team

  • Enhance the engagement and performance of the people you lead

  • Foster a Growth Mindset within yourself and your team


Key topics

  • Understanding and defining leadership

  • Understanding your natural leadership orientation and strategies to adapt when required

  • How to foster a Growth Mindset within yourself and  your team

  • The role of psychological safety and trust in leadership and how to build it

  • Embracing the power of vulnerability as a leader

  • Strategies for creating an engaged team

  • The value and process of relinquishing control as a leader

  • Creating a leadership action plan

Leading through Change


Always-on transformation is an inevitable complexity resulting from the globalisation of today's workforce. Yet despite its ubiquity, it can be challenging and overwhelming for staff and those that need to manage and support them through it.


The ability of managers to understand the fundamentals of managing change has become a vital business competency and this program has been designed to support people managers with understanding how to effectively lead themselves and their staff through change.




​​This is a 1- day program with the option to run post-workshop peer learning/group coaching sessions to unpack the application of the learning from the program and workshop challenges.



Learning outcomes

  • Understand and embrace organisational change

  • Identify how different people respond to change

  • Formulate strategies to influence change

  • Identify required states for change and foster these states within your team

  • Build commitment to change

  • Communicating a powerful change message using storytelling techniques

  • Formulate a change plan that is tailored to your role and level of influence over change in your organisation



Key topics

  • Understanding change in an organisational context

  • Understanding how people respond to change differently

  • How to effectively influence change, even when you are not in control of the change

  • How to change things when change is hard (based on The Switch by Chip & Dan Heath)

  • Overcoming resistance to change

  • Required states for change

  • Building commitment and maintaining focus during change

  • Storytelling strategies for communicating a powerful change message

  • Formulating an individual change plan

Manager as Coach


There is an overwhelming body of evidence that demonstrates how powerful coaching is in foster a positive and proactive work environment where people are performing. In fact, what research has revealed is that coaching is one of the most important strategies applied by successful leaders in the context of their day-to-day interactions with their people.


The Manager as Coach program is designed to provide participants with the skills and abilities to easily and effectively deliver just-in-time coaching that is both supportive and results-based. Participants learn to identify ‘coaching moments’ so that even the busiest of work environments will lend themselves to coaching opportunities.


The program covers a range of topics that support managers with seamlessly and effectively integrating coaching into their conversations with staff and that will also provide ample opportunity to practice skills in the workshop.


The outcome for participants will be a team of individuals who are engaged, empowered and performing.





​​This is a 1- day program with the option to run post-workshop peer learning/group coaching sessions to unpack the application of the learning from the program and workshop challenges.


Learning outcomes


  • More confidently and effectively conduct coaching conversations with their staff

  • Achieve a behavioural shift from ‘telling’ to asking and listening

  • Identify appropriate opportunities for coaching (including knowing when not to coach)

  • Get to the heart of the performance and behavioural issues of staff using the GROW coaching framework

  • Demonstrate greater confidence and skill in conducting difficult conversations

Key topics


  • Defining coaching

  • Identifying when to coach and when to managed

  • Overcoming resistance to coaching

  • The GROW coaching framework

  • Dealing with coaching derailers

  • Coaching circles and practice

  • Coaching action plan

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